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Curds&Cakes, Inc.
Named People Magazine.com "Best Food at an NFL Stadium for the Minnesota Vikings 
At Curds&Cakes, Inc., we are proud to have received the following recognition for our outstanding Cheese Curds and 
Funnel Cakes! 
Winner - Oklahoma State Fair 

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"Curds&Cakes, Inc. is the best concession company in the business for exceptional food and for fantastic customer service. We were very happy with the results."
News and Reviews for Curds&Cakes, Inc.

The Team: Minnesota Vikings 
The Town: Minneapolis, Minnesota 
The Bite: This one sort of explains itself. Crispy, chewy and oozy, deep-fried cheese curds are beloved by locals for a reason.
2014 Best New Food *Bacon Cheese Curds* Oklahoma State Fair 
2013 Most Classic Savory Food *Regular Cheese Curds* Oklahoma State Fair 
2011 Most Unique Savory Food *Jalapeno Cheese Curds* Oklahoma State Fair